Aesthetic medicine

UNIDENT UNION Dental Spa offers aesthetic medicine treatments tailored to patients’ needs. They are preceded with a medical consultation. Based on the consultation, aesthetic dentists plan a series of skin rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments . Achieving the best results depends on the choice and frequency of treatments as specified in each individual treatment programme.

Aesthetic medicine at UNIDENT UNION Dental Spa includes:

  • skin rejuvenation by smoothing wrinkles,
  • enhancement of facial features as agreed with and desired by a patient,
  • improvement in the face contours,
  • skin moisturising and application of active ingredients,
  • skin rejuvenating and replenishing lost skin volume,
  • improvement of skin tone,
  • eliminating bruxism and a gummy smile.

Pictured: Weronika Pióro, implantology and orthodontics assistant at the UNIDENT UNION Dental Spa Clinic