Advantages of veneers

  1. Veneers maintain their natural colour and shine and are not prone to discolouration.
  2. They don't require the extensive shaping or removal of the tooth hard tissue prior to the procedure.
  3. They enable exceptional tight edge adherence.
  4. They are highly resistant to wear.
  5. They offer a very pleasing aesthetically result.
  6. They are compatible with the denture tissue.
  7. They greatly improve a patient's comfort after the treatment has been completed.
  8. They give a patient a ‘white smile’ for years.


  • malocclusions (bruxism, clenching, bad habits such as biting nails, pencils, etc.),
  • too short teeth,
  • gum and denture diseases,
  • significant proneness to decay,
  • teeth with severe enamel wear or with insufficient enamel quality,
  • lack of proper oral hygiene.

Pictured: Monika Olejniczak, student of dentistry at the Medical Academy in Wrocław, daughter of Iwona Gnach-Olejniczak