Why DFL®?

Face rejuvenating changes, particularly in the medium and lower part called MIDFACE, are possible thanks to combining the latest techniques and technologies available in dentistry. These include: orthodontia, implants, tooth whitening, implant prosthetics, full-ceramic modern systems (veneers, onlays, crowns, etc.).

Dental efforts focus on the jaw and mandible bones, together with the alveolus appendages and teeth themselves. This is the area where the greatest aging changes take place, resulting in looking older. These aging changes are caused by teeth loss resulting in the bone degradation. This in turn results in the collapsed appearance of the medium and lower face causing vertical lines on the upper and lower lips and the deep nasolabial folds creating the so-called marionette lines.

DFL® is aimed not just at the elderly but also at much younger people who wish to improve their facial look, teeth and lips.

Pictured: Weronika Pióro, implantology and orthodontics assistant at the UNIDENT UNION Dental Spa Clinic